• All vehicles shown on Live Location Map
  • Automated Dispatching to Drivers
  • Free Driver app and Passenger App
  • Multiple Booking Channels: online, app, text
  • Multiple Languages
  • Caller ID


  • No Hardware Costs just Download the Apps
  • No long term contracts or set up fees
  • Log into dispatch system from anywhere
  • Low monthly subscription cost
  • Scale your Fleet Quickly, Cheaply & Easily
  • Accept payments in the Vehicle


  • Self-Dispatching for Account Customers
  • Comprehensive Driver and Trip Reports
  • Email Receipts to Customers
  • Prioritise Key Accounts
  • Heatmaps Detecting Busy Areas for Drivers

All the features with no limits

Ireland€ 12

  • Just € 12 per car per month!
  • 30-day free trial
  • No Credit Card Details required
  • No contract
  • Full FAQ

United States$12

  • Just $15 per car per month!
  • 30-day free trial
  • No Credit Card Details required
  • No contract
  • Full FAQ


  • Q. Are the Driver and Passenger Apps available for the Android and iPhone?
  • A. Yes, you will find them the Google Play store and in the Apple App store
  • Q. Can I log into the dispatch system from any PC anywhere?
  • A. Yes, anywhere there is an internet connection. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for the dispatch system
  • Q. What happens when I sign up for the 30 day free trial?
  • A. You will receive a username and password to access the Dispatch System and a number of 10 digit activation codes that are required for the drivers app
  • Q. After the trial do I enter a contract or have any set costs when signing up?
  • A. There are no long term contracts to commit to and no set up costs, you "pay as you go".

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  • PickACab is essential to the position of our company in the market.
  • The web booker and IVR has enabled us to decrease our cost base, while continuing to grow our business.
  • Ger : DJ Cabs
  • ABC Taxis would highly recommend PickaCab for its ingenuity, customer support, and total professionalism.
  • We have been using PickACab for the past three years,
  • and both our drivers and customers are thrilled with the cutting edge technology.
  • This system lends itself to a speedier and more efficient service.
  • Theresa : ABC Taxis
  • PickACab's technology has allowed out fleet to grow by 250% over the past two years, with minimal
  • increase in personnel costs. PickACab seamlessly processes over 1000 daily.
  • Keith Reid : Exchequer Taxis
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  • Maggs : Fives Cabs